Set them FREE
Wild animals were born to live in freedom, and those who do not belong to our ecosystem, don't deserve to be tortured under deplorable conditions of life. This is my way of seeing reality on Zoos and anywhere where these captive animals to their nature are kept. Do not want to see tigers behind glass, I do not want to see elephants with dizzy eyes by forever rotate in the same restricted place. Don't want to see doped lions in a cage and birds in cages. This is what they do with these beautiful and unique animals in most zoos in my country, a deplorable attitude. And in some sad cases, with a tragic ending, like with the polar bear.
A tragic story.
He was "Winner", the last polar bear in the Buenos Aires Zoo. Unfortunately, died on Christmas Eve of 2012, because of the high temperatures (here in Argentina, Christmas is experienced in summer) and pyrotechnics. He had a nervous temperament, and he couldn't bear the stress of the city and circumstances.
A very sad story for me, rest in peace Winner.
© All photos by Mercedes 'Naiad' Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved.

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