Generla Paz Park
This green space placed in Buenos Aires city was the garden of the farm of Don Luis Maria de Saavedra, nephew of the president of the First Government, Cornelio Saavedra, after whom took their name and the museum district.
In its vicinity has grown a residential area with large gardens on terraced streets and leafy groves irregular design. The Historical Museum of Cornelio Saavedra is set amidst the General Paz Park, lying on the avenue of the same name that borders the city.
Old Mill...
This Ombú is older than my great-grandparents... Really, I'm not lying.
Be careful... Maybe the Ombú gonna eat you (He is my mother's husband, say hello!)
Yes man, you're a living statue, happy?
To see Museum of Cornelio Saaverda go to this link:
© All photos by Mercedes 'Naiad' Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved.

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