Well, yesterday was Valentine's Day, so I think it's time to tell you my love story. I present to Erik, my feathered child, a beautiful sparrow who is now four years old, but he saw death very closely. So this is your story and your progress step by step, he came home with just eight days of life, until today.
Clarification: I am totally against caged birds, but with Erik there's not another chance. He can not fly, one of his wings was hurt when I fell from the nest, and is so small you just can not go loose in the house and yard, jumping around, it's really dangerous for him. One day he ended up stuck behind the refrigerator and nearly died, and again almost jumps over a burning stove. He is very restless and SO small, I do not want anything bad to happen to him. But sometimes, he plays in the freedom and safety in my room.
Erik is a sparrow who fell from a tree near my house on the eve of new year, December 31 of 2009, because of the heatwave and panic that caused the pyrotechnics. I found him almost dead, he was just eight days old (as the vet told me), and had been completely abandoned by their parents. Added to this, one of his wings was damaged by the fall.
I honestly, didn't have high hopes, I didn't think I would survive. But to my surprise, he began to respond very well to treatment, food (administered by syringe), but mostly to my love for him.
So he slowly grew, at his pace. Soon he began to jump and do mischiefs. He also began eating dirt, ha! (only once, bad boy)
And finally, one day he turned into a beautiful, healthy, strong and adorable adult. In this pic he had two years old.
He also kisses me, he likes to show his affection (in his own way, pecking)
And this beautiful creature is him now, four years old. Happy, posing for the camera. He lives with a family who loves and cares for him all the time. It's like the spoiled child of the house. I'm sure he is a very happy sparrow, and I also am to have him by my side.
Erik taught me a lot about the value of life, about love, patience, care, was almost like raising a child. Love you, Erik!
© All photos by Mercedes 'Naiad' Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved.

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