Cornelio Saaverda Museum
The Historical Museum of Cornelio Saavedra Buenos Aires is located in the middle of the General Paz Park, lying on the avenue of the same name that borders the city. This great green space was the garden of the farm of Don Luis Maria de Saavedra, nephew of the president of the First Government Junta, after whom took their name and the museum district.
The three pavilions of the Museum saved a rich heritage in the history of Buenos Aires, furniture, silverware, iconography, documents, drawings, letters, jewelry, combs, fans, costumes, weapons, medals, coins and banknotes reflect an image of the nation and city ​​that was three centuries viceregal capital of the province and the country.
Folklore dancers...
A... Chiken, in the Museum, yes.
Table piano brand Baumgandeten Heine. Hamburg. Circa 1840.
Harp. Gilded wood, neo gothic style. Brand Erard, Paris. Circa 1870.
Seems to within the museum could not take photos, so the staff of security kicked me in the... soul... and they didn't let I took more pics. I was very angry, but so, luckily I was able to photograph some beautiful musical instruments. Before they catched me...
To see General Paz Park go to this link:
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